Social media informed it’s Fathers’ Day.Kim had an obligation, the call had been made and the venue chosen and all we had to do was to order for pop corns. He had to travel and spend time with his very young family.He ignited the engine of the lancer Davis had lent him for the day, the engine started with a cough and he sat back in his chair. Ever since he joined campus, his world opened up to all kinds of girls: tall ones with thin legs and incredible Vs, short girls with larger than life busts and tires kept in caution that the Tsunami might hit Nairobi, yellow girls with coal inspired knees. He had discovered one extremely attractive Kao chick, one carved out of soapstone and polished with sand, one who made the sun shine with just the unfathomably irresistible vile in her eyes. She was an average 5ft 2″, light coloured, had a beautiful torso hosting two shapely hills that descended gracefully to an exciting cleavage. He loved the magnificent gap between her teeth, the rich Nunguni accent and the shade of colour on her lips. Thoughts of meeting the ever bitter and complaining ECD teacher and her two year old son clouded the rather bright morning and as he reversed he could see happy families headed for church or for a brunch or a day out with daddy. They seemed so lovely that he almost ran over them.

Rooftop bar along Waiyaki way was his first stopover, perhaps the last where he beguiled himself to take one for the road to boast his confidence ahead of the loathe-some meeting with the shark.

“Hello, where are you?” Njeri was on the phone and she was not happy.

“Calm down am almost there,” he lied.

“You should have been here an hour ago.Baba shika simu uongee na daddy.”

He hang up.

He confirmed sending five thousand to Njeri accompanied it with a short text message.

Car broke down, will not make it. And switched off his phone. He finished off his drink in one quick flash, winced as it tickled through his throat, paid up and left. He just drove.



Three years ago.


“Babe i wish university was around, then we could spend time together everyday,”Njeri whispered. She felt through the tufts of hair on his chest and followed the trail downwards placing velvet touches as she descended.

He pulled her closer to himself and kissed her hair.

” i will only be away for a few years then you’ll join me and attend school. I also plan to be visiting occasionally. Promise me that you’ll wait for me.” He meant it. Kim had loved Njeri for a long time. Ever since the days of playing Katy to the ones of waiting for her under the canopy of the tree at the corner of village till darkness came. Thirteen years later here she was enjoying the morning of the twelfth hour in his bed. He peered to the floor to where crumbled bed sheets lay and spotted a conspicuous stain of red. He winced and turned away.They had culminated the desires of their hearts all night. She had given and lost it to him willingly and she was not the type to turn back. He joined campus three months later, she was pregnant but he had vowed to enjoy life in campus and it welcomed him mightily.


She left a message at the end if the tone. Her voice was weak and shaky with resentment,regret and desperation. She withdrew the money, shredded it into pieces and blew up the pieces into the wind.

‘i wish the bastard saw that.’ she gave a painfully grin to the shocked Mpesa attendant. Kim failed her at the time she needed him most. She took the bundle of clothes that warmed her son, the precious and only gift he had left her, she kissed it and it jiggled.

“time to get your daddy.” she would be in campus the following week, nothing could deter her in the fight of that was rightfully hers. She was crying, he was trying but it was dying.