Today will be is a busy day. We, that is me and a group from Young Achiever’s Network and Youth Edition  will be doing some community charity work in Ololaiser Secondary School in Ngong. There will be mentor-ship, laughter, soul sharing and of course lies that I will orchestrate. In four hours I will be in a group session with teenagers and I will be like.

“Ladies, gentlemen when I was in high school, I knew I had to make good grades so as to land myself in a near-perfect career. So I worked smart persistently, trans-nighted and book wormed and here I am today.” I will smile, they will think it’s because of the sweet-life I live but it will be because of the giant lie I managed without even a blink. All in all we will leave that place having impacted on  lives, lighted up souls and also refreshed for a week.

Back to My Roots; it will be a bad day for you. I am too excited to come up with a good read. I had one in mind but these unremitting whatsapp messages,’sisi tuko railways. Uko wapi?!’ Will make me clam up and become incoherent. You get it that mild introverts are volatile.

967c507425dd5806d97144a34a751bb1-1Our free time hobbies.Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

I was doing a clean-up on my desk when I came across this sheet of paper and decided to give it a skim before I hurled it to the bin. It’s all about my loner, introverted but burgeoning lifestyle. My introversion runs deep in the family but it’s somehow an acquired trait; based on mind about your own business or the famed tenda wema nenda zako. This is the personality trait that made me start this communication platform I write first, to myself then to similiar friends and fanatics.

  1. Similiar is the word you use when referring to both similar and familiar and short for word space, say on twitter.

To the article.

Dated 11/10/2015


Sometimes do you wonder why day turns to night and to day again? Do you always question the patience of a parent, the love of a mother, the cruelty of destiny and the shortcomings of fate? Do you always wonder what the future will be like? Do you wish that you could have a glimpse of the future, coupled with a chance to relive the past? Do you startle awake in the middle of the night thinking it was a nightmare only to hear voices speak to you? Do you feel scared or do you spend the next two hours thinking about it? Have you this habit of sitting on the roadside foot bridge in the evening just watching the people rush past you, traffic fill the road as people head home? Do you doubt their happiness in doing so? Have your life come to a junction and you don’t know which way to go? Do you hear the drivers behind you honk and hurl insults? Do you tell them to go to hell or do you smile and wave them off as they drive past? Do you sometimes, think that you are not for this earth? Because if you do, so do I. Always

9eb0b1b5fadf7326cafc879dc09bc620Doesn’t this inspire awe?


Rarely do you find yourself thinking about people? Or are you often listening to voices within you? Do you find yourself arguing? Rarely do you express your thoughts and submit your conscience to criticism? Rarely do you find your buddies having pleasantries and join them, but you always opt to seat at the corner, alone? Rarely do you prefer crowds. Do you find yourself scared? Rarely.

You are

You are skeptical but not scared. You are not that ticking time bomb that people expect to explode into fits of emotion. You are stronger than they think, than even yourself think. You are probably thoughtful but not depressed; you find solace in silence, in books no one reads, in music no one listens to, in articles below the desk, in your mind that no one pays attention to. You are fond of modesty and simplicity and nothing lifts your spirits than watching the stars twinkle.



Waste no time trying to be that the world wants to see. See, you are not of this world; you are made of much, much more. Walk by in you leather boots, shorts and T-shirts, watch and learn, indulge and have fun BUT remember, sometimes you got to be yourself. Always.

All photos from Books and Nature