There is always this aura about good music. It uplifts drooped spirits, invigorates dying hopes and accentuates desire. It’s thus not by mere fate that strong messages and requests are made through music. Lucky Dube, the Lord keep his good soul, sang about apartheid so strongly and the message ran through-out the continent. Good music should be healing to a wounded soul.

My type of music, by default is classical old school, neo-soul, soft rock and timeless country music dating from the seventies but I always give an ear to modern acoustic music. I got this song topping my all-time playlist and I had to check my ID just to confirm my age.

Moon appears to shine and light the sky

With the help of some firefly

Wonder how they have the power

To shine, shine, shine

I can see them under the pine

Don’t hesitate

Cause your love won’t wait…(lyrics on shazam)

And Peter Frampton sings on and on in that voice. Some voices were just tuned to do love songs. I recorded myself singing along to Taylor Swift’s Love Story ( It does sound creepy, thank you) and I hated my voice. Its true nobody loves their voice but mine was way too off. Frogs croaking or some damaged china phone earpiece it was.

Talking of emotions and music. I think the connection is very deep and cuts across all aspects of human life. When we sing we do sing of freedom, tranquility, Agape, inner peace, hate, motivation or even fun. When we draft some poems or even create some notes on the piano, we have motivation behind it. But we have more than perfected the art of expressing our intimate love, our untamed sexual desires and imaginations and lustful lifestyles through music.

I listened to these two songs, Keith Sweat’s Twisted and Lil Wayne’s ft Nicki Minaj’s High School, and got these two perspectives. The latter talks about someone, It definitely got to be Weezy, who gave up on love because of heartbreakers and now Nicki comes up to diss them, calling them B’s and the point is home. You can walk around getting hit without strings attached to avoid a heart-break. Keith in his Song sings about how these muse, a girl he has lived to love does not feel the vibe so she got him twisted. Twisted is such a great word to describe feelings. When we have twisted opinions, all eyes are on us, we can do just anything, twisted love means someone is crazy, out of their mind about a person. I side with Keith, love is so strong that when it goes wrong we are left twisted and just sing Twisted Songs.

Various artists have come up with awesome acoustic pieces and instrumentals just to sing of how powerful love is, or how painful a heart-break is. Listening to Titanic’s Piano version, our mind flies to a land far away, where after dreadful escapades something special can happen. Another piece of music I fell in love with was Lacrimosa by Mozart, I stole that from the book Gabriel’s Inferno and made it mine. Lacrimosa is the Latin word for ‘weeping’ and the piece is a deep, mournful classical repertoire.

The world has seen great musicians leave their marks on it. We have the likes of Bob Marley, 2Pac Shakur, Peter Frampton, evergreen Lionel Richie, Dolly Patron, Stevie Wonder and others are icons we can relate to. Music is more than singing about something you did last night ( I am not referring to local Kenyan artists) haha definitely I am! It is about communicating to a soul, overwhelming it an eventually overcoming it. A simple song Amazing Grace, with few lines and easy notes reaches out to millions daily, since it’s music about  something we all can allude to, How amazing God’s Grace is! Love is the substrate and product of music.

Music has been abused and used to preach hatred, sexism, impossible and hailing evil. The B-word has changed meaning to describe the female human as propagated by music from the west. The F-word is now freely used since music has allowed it. If you want to speak to a multitude, include some music. This is a fact proven by adverts; the ear is the most powerful sense organ. It perceives what the eyes do not see.

I have personally made music my make-it tool; each time I listen to Kutless What Faith can Do, I feel like someone supreme and all-able is talking to me. The lyrics run …impossible is not a word. Surely it isn’t. The piano and the guitar are soft and clear as they mark the road for powerful words. A dose of music keeps stress away. I am not a good dancer but I can jump, hop and copy unsuccessfully, so if some good music plays I can shake a head and feel it sink and that does wonders to my brain.

Somebody told me that when we talk about music, we let the notes do the talking. I recommend these for you;

  1. What Faith can Do- Kutless
  2. Baby, I love your way- Peter Frampton/ Big Mountain
  3. Try- Nelly Furtado
  4. A million years ago- Adele
  5. Hall of Fame- The Script
  6. All Night Long-Lionel Richie
  7. Imara –Kidum
  8. Something so strong-Lira
  9. Dear Mama-2pac
  10. Dance with My father- Luther Vandross.