I hope you are doing well. Forgive me for not writing immediately I arrived in town as promised. It has been a hectic fortnight but there has not been a single night that I have not thought of you. In my dreams you have appeared a thousand times and a thousand times you have fallen asleep in my hands but I haven’t had the chance to tell you how beautiful you look in your sleep. The sight of your breath moving you up and down fused with the thought of you beside me occupies my mind all night long. The other day you were talking in your sleep in my dream making me reply a loud to your voice in my dream. You said that you love me but you are afraid that I would leave you for some other girl.

Don’t you remember the afternoon at the river? When the sun was shining hot, the wind blowing silently through the trees and the river was like an endless silver snake skirting around the hillocks. You were late but I waited on for hours. When you did finally come you were in a hurry to leave. I remember you carried plum fruits in your pockets but you wanted me to steal them from you. We played right there by the river like small kids. Accidentally I touched you breasts. They were firm like hills on your chest and you wore no bra. You stopped the struggle and held your breath but not for long as it came in pants. I caressed them in my palms and you responded by arching your back towards me. My lips came to meet yours and before they met you closed your eyes. Our noses met and you tilted your head to the left and me to the left. Tongue on your pink lips then tongue with tongue we played. You are a good kisser Wangui, better than other frogs I have met. You dug your fingers into the hair behind my head and pulled me closer. Your arms are strong and I gave in quickly, you burned and I caught your fire. We writhed in the scorching heat and when we couldn’t take in anymore we melted.

You met me half way and in one swift move I was inside you, it had happened. The remaining plums in your pockets were crushed in the entanglement and smeared your cream gown wine red; we never knew it was such a potent disguise. You never looked me in the eye after the vanilla. You expected me to say something but I didn’t; I love you though I am just too young and wild to commit. I could not have apologized since you lead me all through. You needed, even demanded for it. Your eyes speak Wangui. You are like an open book and I am the fancied professor.

I know you were worried about getting pregnant but I told you. It works. You said it was like nothing you have felt before and I promise it could be more. I know handcuffs and blindfolds could be too much but we could at least try fresh things. It’s not too much to ask for or is it? I remember that evening we slept or rather collapsed on our backs after making love for the umpteenth time and we saw the stars. You said they looked beautiful especially when they traveled to distant lovers through the sky, such a serenade you are. I said it was night and that alone made you shoot like a trap. You dressed up and demanded that I take you home.

“We’ll have to do some shopping first,” I joked that night but it wasn’t funny. You pouted and kicked me in the leg. I walked you home with my hand around your waist and whispering things in your ear. You giggled silently and said that you always loved me.

Your sentiments over the phone the other day were both appealing and depressing. That Kim guy is not befitting of you, I noticed the way he looked at me when we were with you the other day. He is a teacher I know that and perhaps the most eligible bachelor in the land there but he will not make you great but just a wife of the teacher.

Since you rejected going back to form four, I thought you could start college early enough and do a certificate course in dairy management. It is a one year course and you could acquire a job at the new dairy industry. Afterwards you can further your education and rise to the level of a supervisor. In my next letter I will send you the details and fee statements then you will talk to your mother about it. She is most likely to reject but I know somebody somewhere. School is almost over but I have a lot of term papers to hand in; here we call homework and assignment term papers if I lost you.

I still remember the stuff you told me to buy for you… The pink petticoats you sent me are very rare. You know women in the city despise those things and say they are for the conservative village girls. They wear panties without the underskirt and that leaves a line, you can imagine how ugly they look and how they make me nauseate. The other day I went to this mall called Gikomba and got very pretty trench coats. They are silken and super warm and now the Kinangop weather will not bother you anymore. I also got very fine lacy lingerie but I have to insist that I be the only man who removes them from your body.

Allow me to stop here, its seven o’clock and the Indian we were joking about expects me to be at his shop by eight. He agreed to hire me on a part-time basis but I have to be there the whole day when am not in school. Say hi to Mwas, Maureen and that other one I don’t recall her name. Tell them not to grow old, funny chaps.


With Love,