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I received the letter you sent. You can only imagine how gladdening that was, I have not stopped smiling. You are both funny and witty and are mine forever. I love you to the moon and back and it can only get better. You left physically but I feel like you are here with me every day. When I work at home I always think of you and me together. When I go to church I miss you beside me. Sunday afternoons become worse when I see young couples walking close and slow and I think of us, walking hand in hand like we were attached. Last Sunday my mother ordered me out of the compound claiming that of late I have become dull. She said that I should get friends to at least hang out with but they never appeal to me like you do.

You reminded me of the day at the river, the best day of my life. I wish it could have lasted forever. In your arms is where I would rather live, the wind of your whisper in my ear is the only sound I want to hear, and your touch is the only feeling that matter. I had vowed not to lose my virginity to anyone before marriage but I feel that this is meant to last. I believe I am the luckiest girl alive just because of you, my prince charming. It is like we fell from a love song and all I want is a happy ending. I know I sound old but we are both a classic. The look you gave me that night under the moonlight is the look I want to wake up to every day. Promise me that you will not be a romantic dream I will wake up from.

I understand that Valentine’s is around the corner. I also hear it is a day for lovers and lovers is the only word that describes us. They wear red, carry carnations and are allowed to look adorable publicly. How I wish you were here to sum up my happiness. We would wear red Jubilee T-shirts since their slogan correlates, Tuko Pamoja, then we would have a romantic trek in the bushes.The radio tells us that your school was closed down and that is the reason I want you here. I promise I won’t be naïve like I was the first time. You can bet I won’t fear making love to you. I have asked about and would love to show you the little skill I have learned. It’s funny that they won’t allow women on top but there is no law for that so you will allow me to. I also want you to come at home, our home. I will cook for you and introduce you to mother. You should not fear her because according to how she speaks highly of you it will be a joy for her to see her daughter hanging around a guy like you. You are every mother’s dream son-in-law: educated, humble and hard working. And every girl’s dream husband: naughty, sweet, understanding and inspirational.

The gift package arrived with the six o’clock bus. Thank you for it. The panties fit just right and they are very light, I swear to you that you are the only man who will ever see them. How did you know my size, and how did you feel buying them. Did the girl who sold them to you steal bashful glances at you? Did she say that you are the most romantic man on planet earth? If she did not I know that. The trench jackets were a size bigger and mother took one for herself, the other two I took to the tailor and now they fit just right. I am going to buy a phone with whatsapp and I will send you photos of me in them (trench coats and lingerie). I also got the book in the package and I am in page thirty five. I hate that they use long and new English words but I am trying to read it. When you come we will make a hammock by the river and we are going to read from there. I like that part the lady rides for kilometers on her stallion to meet her man; it inspires me to do the same. I will come over and you will show me around the city. I want to see the traffic jam, the broadcast house, parliament and maybe a view of town from a tall building.

I applied for the dairy course and mother is of the idea. She says if I am invited, she will sell three sheep for fees. I will work harder than I did in secondary school and make those around me proud, especially you. I noted the pitiful look in your eyes when I said I got C-.  This time you will smile I can assure you. Hope you will come to my new school one day as I would like my new friends to see my boyfriend. But I won’t count the chicks before they hatch. The teacher you warned me against was trying to search a job at the school for me but I turned him down. I learned that even he has a child with another girl. I am yours alone and only your favors will I accept.

I miss you and when time is ripe we shall be together forever.



FYI. the original letter came in Kikuyu dialect.