Soon you will be at your house maybe a bedsitter in Roysambu behind Thika Road Mall. It will still be chilly, so you will be indoors brewing endless pots tea and coffee and peeing noisily into the toilet bowl. Men love to pee into the reservoir water in toilet bowls; it’s the second most natural sound after the falling waters of Zambezi River in Zambia. The pee-clear and hot-shoots through the air and white vapour rises from it as it streams down, you play with it like a small boy, stopping it intermittently as you fart. It’s your house! You filled your tax returns last month! As you hold your compatriot on the left hand, you will be scrolling through your phone book for that gullible girl from USIU to come over since the heat of tea and coffee alone cannot take away the cold. After shaking it, you squeeze it back to its place holder amidst promises of some action later that day.

The kettle beeps and lets out a whiff of steam and soon as you finish switching it off, you hear a loud knock on the door. It must be Sydney, demanding his gaming pads. You push the crate of eggs with your feet under the chair and open the door.

“FBI. We have a warrant to search your house and we’ll like to interrogate you for a moment,” Amanda will brandish her badge in your face as the arms men in navy blue jackets, branded FBI in bold yellow letters at the back storm the house.

“He is clean ma’am,” they will say to her after ransacking the house.

“We request your cooperation sir,” Amanda will request. It is the first time an officer has called you sir.

“We are probing into the cold-blooded murder of the ICT director to the IBEC Dr. Christopher,” Amanda will add.

“It’s IEBC,” you will correct her.

“Sorry,IEBC. The deceased car was found just below your window and we are requesting for any clues that you may have,” another super-agent will frain.

“I heard nothing. In fact I learned of his death today.”

“You are sure there was not rustling, screeching of wheels and brakes or a struggle.”

You want to laugh and wake up but it’s no dream. It’s the FBI asking if you heard any screeching tires. You also want to inform them that this is Thika Road, Githurai bound buses screech their tires and brakes all the time.

“No madam. I heard nothing, it’s a long way to ground floor and it was late in the night.”

“Thank you sir. If you remember anything, please contact us on this line.” Amanda will say to you and hand you over an FBI contact card. You wait for the curtains to come down, they won’t.

index 2

This will be the case if our government allows the US’ FBI or UK’s Scotland Yard to probe into Dr. Chris Musando’s alleged murder as highlighted in the Daily Nation dated 1st August 2017. It will be new for our country but will they dig up useful clues that our CID could not? I am utterly sorry for the bereaved family, commission and country. These are news that bloggers and newspaper columnists die to write about but it’s also the death of a husband, father, son, friend, colleague and loyal citizen of Kenya. Some also argue it is a sacrifice made for a better country but the fact remains it is an unruly act of cowardice and ungodliness.

On the matter of probing into the murder, I think we have an investigative system that is mature enough to unmask the killers. To build a firm and capable department, we have to learn to trust what they do. If we shall continue dragging politics into everything justice shall never be achieved. Whether the probing is carried out by the FBI, Scotland Yard or even Russians, one thing will happen, nothing will take away the pain from the loved ones because only one thing is right, he should not have been killed. With cases like murder which are irrevocable, it is hard to feel that justice has prevailed since nothing can take away the pain.

To build trustworthy departments asks for integrity. Mrs. Roselyn Akombe who is a commissioner with the IEBC stated that ‘The credibility of any electoral process is judged by the level of transparency, information sharing and involvement of all the stakeholders.’ This quote does not only apply to an electoral process but also to all institutions in any forward thinking society. No findings should be left in monopoly of an individual and what is classified must be known among the authorized members, then we shall challenge the worlds’ best.

Lastly, we should not look for mastery before we can crawl, all institutions will require mentorship, benefit of doubt, which will include failure at some points and our trust. At the end, it is still we who are going to benefit from firm institutions.